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WooCommerce Multi Currency allows display prices and accepts payments in multiple currencies.

- demo - WooCommerce Multi Currency – Currency Switcher



  • Auto update exchange rate: The plugin automatically update exchange rate. You can set the time for the automatical update: every 30 minutes, every hour…
  • Successful update exchange rate email: You will receive an email whenever the plugin update exchange rate successfully.
  • Set exchange rate manually: You also can set the exchange rate manually.
  • Price formatting: Config how prices are displayed on front-end. Example: $100; $ 100; 100,00$; 100.00$ …
  • Custom currency symbol: You can custom currency symbols. Example: United States Dollar can be displayed as USD, US$, $…
  • Fixed Price: You can add custom prices for a product in each currency.
  • Support all currencies: The plugin support every currency in the world
  • Select currency exchange rate sever: You can select to update exchange rate from VillaTheme.com, Google Finance. More exchange rate server will be added in future.


  • Allow multi currency payment: Allow customers to check out in their native currency. Or you can turn this option off so the price will always be displayed in the default currency on the checkout page.


  • Auto detects customer’s native currency: The plugin will automatically select and display the price in customer’s native currency based on their country.
  • Currency by country: You can select which currency goes with which country.
  • Approximate Price: With this feature, the price will be displayed in the default currency. But under that, there will be an approximate price which is displayed in customer’s native currency. This feature will help customers to know how much the product is.


  • The plugin can be displayed on front-end as a widget, shortcode or a currency bar.
  • Currency bar design: You can design the currency bar with the title, location (on the left or the right of your site), text color, main color, background color, and select which pages where the sidebar will appear.
  • Widget design: You can custom the widget title and widget styles are available to be selected.
  • Custom flag: Some country use the same flag, this option will help you to display country an currency right.
  • Custom CSS: All these options are not enough? You can add your own CSS to design the widget.


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/**2.1.4 - 2018.06.23**/
- Added: Show currency on sidebar, shortcode and widget
- Added: Control payment methods
- Added: Shortcode exchange rates
- Added: More design on sidebar
- Added: Check purchased code
- Added: Clear cache browser
- Changed: Flag images
- Changed: Bulk actions fixed price with product variations
- Fixed: Approximately with tax
- Fixed: RTL auto detect
- Fixed: Fixed price

/**2.1.3 - 2018.05.29**/
- Added: rel="nofollow" in shortcode.
- Added: Compatible with WPML.org in product

/**2.1.2 - 2018.05.14**/
- Fixed: Currency not change on widget Price filter
- Fixed: Cache price when exchange of price.php
- Updated: Class Support
- Added: Shortcode exchange with number
- Compatibled: WooCommerce Wholesale prices

/**2.1.1 - 2018.04.28**/
- Fixed: Fixed price not saving on external/affiliate product
- Fixed: Decimal is 0 with other currencies
- Added: Clear cache with Autoptimize
- Added: Clear cache with WP Fastest Cache
- Added: Clear cache with WP Rocket
- Added: RTL Support

/** - 2018.03.23**/
- Fixed: Double price using Google finance API

/** - 2018.03.05**/
- Compatible: Printful Integration for WooCommerce plugin
- Fixed: Class support

/**2.1.0 - 2018.02.22**/
- Fixed: Update checkout with one currency
- Fixed: Decimals
- Added: Exchange fee
- Added: Use Session
- Added: Notification to custom email.

/** - 2018.02.05 **/
- Fixed: Tax on Shipping
- Fixed: Checkout with one currency
- Updated: Working only from WooCommerce 3.2.x or higher

/**2.0.9 - 2017.01.17**/
- Optimized: Get data, price
- Fixed: Tab CSS in backend
- Fixed: W3 total cache
- Fixed: Class support
- Fixed: Mini cart JS

/**2.0.8 - 2017.01.06**/
- Fixed: Hide approximately if currency detect is the same current currency
- Fixed: Change currency back that override in checkout page

/**2.0.7 - 2017.01.02**/
- Fixed: Some errors
- Fixed: Currency sidebar CSS

/**2.0.6 - 2017.12.20 **/
- Update: Large size for flag
- Added: Geo API
- Fixed: Compatible WooComerce Subscriptions

/**2.0.5 -  2017.12.07**/
- Removed: Get GEO IP
- Fixed: Currency symbol not change when empty cart
- Fixed: Thousand separator
- Compatible: Visual Product Builder
- Added: Yahoo finance API
- Added: ETH, LTC currency
- Added: Drag and drop currency

/**2.0.4 - 2017.11.30 **/
- Fixed: JS default currency
- Fixed: Remove transient when save settings
- Fixed: Update system page
- Added: Rate in emails
- Added: Checkout with default currency
- Compatible: WooCommerce Product Bundles
- Compatible: Polylang plugin

/**2.0.3 -  2017.11.21 **/
- Fixed: Shipping Compatible WooCommerce 3.x
- Fixed: Custom CSS show
- Fixed: Error in location
- Added: Update old version
- Added: Buld add fixed price for variation
- Added: Page system status
- Added: Conditional tags

/**2.0.2 - 2017.11.14 **/
- Fixed: Text in sidebar

/**2.0.1 - 2017.11.09**/
- Added: Compatible WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping
- Added: Compatible WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping
- Added: Compatible Visual Composer
- Added: Yith Product Bundles
- Fixed: Style on Bar
- Fixed: Conflict UX Builder of Flatsome Theme

/**2.0.0 - 2017.11.08**/
~ The first released