Prestashop Countdown Discount Timer Module


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   So easy – but so effectively !!! This module is the best tool to show your customers that the offer is expiring! It will give to users better customer experience. When you have a product with special price and limited period of time for this price, you must have countdown timer. Also you need it when you have offer or sale for some period. This Countdown Timer will show your visitors how much time they have until promotion will expire making them to rush to buy the product. You can change background for your store, add your own custom text and link to content.


  • Simple instalation.
  • Nicely integration.
  • Easy managing.
  • Most popular hook positions.
  • Customizable color of background.
  • Customizable text (color, size and other).
  • Link support.
  • HTML5 markup: scrubbed clean of bulk and infused with semantic power.
  • CSS3 galore: progressively enhanced styles reward modern browsers while staying lean.
  • Full documentation.
  • Updates.
  • Support.

Module is live demo


This plugin is supported. All you need to do is contact the developer through the Webtet e-mail or Webtet profile page.



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