FastFingers – Viral PHP Script



FastFingers is a web based game to test your typing speed. It is very light-weight, ajax-based, extremely easy to modify and install. It will not only help you to improve your typing speed, but you’ll have quite a lot fun with it. You can share your result with your friends and challenge them. Make your users and friends have fun in your website and share it through the social media. :) - happy - FastFingers – Viral PHP Script

Having FastFingers, you’ll have…

  • Fun and challenging typing browser game.
  • A website that your users (also friends) will have fun in it and will share their results and challenge others the social media to play.
  • A place to put your ads easily.

FastFingers also…

  • Features a result sharing page with integrated share button.
  • Gives you the ability to take a screenshot of your result.
  • Is using a up-to-date coding style and readable code.
  • Will work on PHP 7 as well as on older versions.
  • It is extremely easy to install and doesn’t require a DB. Just drag and drop the installation files to your server and you’re done.
  • It has a pre-defined ad places to make your work easier and put your ads, but you can also add unlimited ads to it (custom, AdSense, etc).
  • Very easy to change and translate the words (+ UTF-8 support).
  • Is responsive and you can play it on your phone and tablet as well as on your computer.

- ff 1 - FastFingers – Viral PHP Script

- ff 2 - FastFingers – Viral PHP Script


10 March, 2017

- Fixed a little issue on some Android browsers.
(to update only replace application/controllers/js/main.js)

7 March, 2017

- Initial release.


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